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FLIR bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through their thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems. 

Today FLIR advanced systems and components are used for a wide variety of thermal imaging, situational awareness, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, navigation, recreation, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, transportation safety and efficiency, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives threat detection.

About FLIR

A310 ex

FLIR A310 ex is an ATEX compliant solution, with a thermal imaging camera mounted in an enclosure, making it possible to monitor critical and other valuable assets in explosive atmospheres. Process monitoring, quality control and fire detection in potentially explosive locations are typical applications for the A310 ex.

In all industries the possibility to automatically ensure quality and to prevent and detect fires is of vital importance. The solution can be a fixed infrared camera that monitors your process or asset continuously, detecting minute temperature differences in a 24/7 manner. This methodology has been implemented in a wide range of industrial automation applications all around the world.

FLIR thermal imagers offer affordable, fully integrated thermal imaging and measurement solutions for applications such as process development and optimization, industrial process monitoring, product verification, quality assurance, safety applications and more. An infrared camera can detect even small temperature differences in most operating conditions, including when there is smoke, fog or steam involved in the measurement situation.


  • Flame-Proof Enclosure “d” — Prevents any explosion transmission from the inside of the enclosure to the outside.
  • For Use in Harsh Environments: IP67 — The FLIR A310 ex is IP67 rated. Ideal to install in dusty environments.
  • Integrated Controller — The integrated controller features several digital I/O channels and sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure. Among other functions, the I/O channels enable the user to switch on/off the camera and the heater via remote control. The access is accomplished through an integrated web interface or Modbus TCP/IP.
  • Flexible Integration — The integrated controller is equipped with 2 fiber optic and 2 Ethernet parts. This enables a flexible network integration in star or ring topologies.
  • Heater — FLIR A310 ex comes with a heater which effectively prevents fogging and freezing of the protection window.
  • Plug and Play Installation — FLIR A310 ex is lightweight and the entire system is delivered ready for use.


FLIR A310 ex  


General Data


Ambient Temperature Range for Operation

–20°C to +40°C (-4°F to 104°F)

Protect Class



0.7 kg

Empty Volume

5.06 l

External Dimensions (without sun shield)

D = 170 mm, L = 408 mm

Housing Material

Nickel-plated aluminium / Powder coated

Protection Window

Germanium, double-sided AR Coated, externally with additional hard-carbon layer

Maximum Power of the Additional Heater

16 W

Operating Voltage

24 V DC

Maximum Electric Connection Power

60 W

Power Cable / Power Cable Configuration

Helukabel 37264 / Pigtail

Length of Power Cable

4 m (13 ft.)

Integrated Controller

4-port switch with 2 × fiber-optic LC 100Base-FX or 2 × RJ45(10/100) up-links, ring-topology support for reduced cabling effort, 2 × internal temperature sensors, air humidity and pressure sensor, digital output module controllable via Modbus TCP/IP or web interface to enable turning the heater on/off

Ethernet Medium

Multi-mode breakout fiber AT-V(ZN)Y(ZN)Y 4G50/125 OM2

Length of Ethernet Cable

4 m (13 ft.)

Imaging & Optical Data


Field of View (FOV) / Minimum Focus Distance

25° × 18.8° / 0.4 m

Thermal Sensitivity / NETD

< 0.05°C @ +30°C (+86°F) / 50 mK

Field of View (FOV) / Focal length

25° × 18.8° with 18 mm (0.7 in.) lens or 45° × 33.8° with 9.66 mm (0.38 in.) lens

Minimum Focus Distance

0.4 m (1.31 ft.)

Spatial Resolution (IFOV)

1.36 mrad with 25° lens or 2.59 mrad with 45° lens

Lens Identification




Image Frequency - NTSC & MPEG4

30 Hz


Automatic or manual (built in motor)


1–8× continuous, digital, interpolating zooming on images

Detector Data


IR Resolution

320 × 240 pixels

Detector Pitch

25 μm

Detector Time Constant

Typical 12 ms

Focal Plane Array (FPA) / Spectral Range

Uncooled Microbolometer / 7.5–13 μm

Measurement Analysis


Object Temperature Range

–20 to +120°C (–4 to +248°F) 0 to +350°C (+32 to +662°F)


±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading




10 boxes with max./min./average/position


1 with above/below/interval

Measurement Option

Measurement Mask Filter Schedule response: File sending (ftp), email (SMTP)

Difference Temperature

Delta temperature between measurement functions or reference temperature

Reference Temperature

Manually set or captured from any measurement function

Atmospheric Transmission Correction

Automatic, based on inputs for distance, atmospheric temperature and relative humidity

Optics Transmission Correction

Automatic, based on signals from internal sensors

Emissivity Correction

Variable from 0.01 to 1.0

Reflected Apparent Temperature Correction

Automatic, based on input of reflected temperature

External Optics/Windows Correction

Automatic, based on input of optics/window transmission and temperature

Measurement Corrections

Global and individual object parameters



Alarm Functions

6 automatic alarms on any selected measurement function, Digital In, Camera temperature, timer

Alarm Output

Digital Out, log, store image, file sending (ftp), email (SMTP), notification



Color Palettes

Color palettes (BW, BW inv, Iron, Rain)

Set-up Commands

Date/time, Temperature°C

Storage of Images


Image Storage Types

Built-in memory for image storage

File Formats

Standard JPEG, 16-bit measurement data included

Explosion Protection-Specific Data


For Use in EX Zone

1, 2, 21, and 22

Ignition Protection Category

Flame-proof enclosure “d”

Maximum Surface Temperature (according to temperature class T6)

Maximum 85°C

ATEX Certification (version -AXC)

EX-Protection Gas: II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb, EX-Protection Dust: II 2D Ex tb IIC T85° Db

Verification Certificate

ZELM 12 ATEX 0485 X




Control, result and image

Ethernet, Type / Standard

100 Mbps / IEEE 802.3

Ethernet, Configuration

Pigtail with FC-connector (fiber)

Ethernet, Communication

TCP/IP socket-based FLIR proprietary

Ethernet, Video Streaming

MPEG-4, ISO/IEC 14496-1 MPEG-4 ASP@L5

Ethernet, Image Streaming

16-bit 320 × 240 pixels @ 7-8 Hz - Radiometric

Ethernet, Protocols

Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, TCP, UDP, SNTP, RTSP, RTP, HTTP, ICMP, IGMP, ftp, SMTP, SMB (CIFS), DHCP, MDNS (Bonjour), uPnP​


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